Other Favorites

 "Whether mountains or deserts, ocean or forest,
some of my favorite photos depict God's creation."


 "Modern skyscrapers to ancient ruins and everything in between. A way to revisit where we've been."

  "A potpourri of favorites that I hope you enjoy. Old and young, living and still."

With photography I can tell others how I see life. That’s the magic of photography, to transmit through a lens the life and feelings that we see with our eyes. With the help of that lens, we can see love, passion, happiness, dreams, sadness, a record of any important moment in our lives, or in history. A photograph lets us travel in time to a specific moment. And we can go back to that moment an infinite number of times. For example, in a person’s photograph, I can see his/her uniqueness. By looking at it, I can tell how that person was feeling at that moment. This feeling will be present every time I put my eyes on that photo. In a photo of nature I can see the beauty, mystery, and wonder of its majesty. And in a photo of a child, I can appreciate their innocence and purity.

As a photographer I want to share with you these images, and help you remember the important moments in your life.

My goal is to combine my style with the subject's personality to create unique images.

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